Како учествовати на Рафтинг Ибром Спуст Без Граница?

2024 – Август – 17, Субота

ОМЛАДИНСКИ КАМП манифестације “Спуст Без Граница”

To all those who come to the event for the first time, we have to give some important advice that is important even for experienced ones.

When you are getting ready to go camping, make sure to check once again whether you have brought all the personal items and camping equipment necessary for this atmosphere: (tent, knife, forks, tongs for turning the grill, charcoal, container for the grill, drinks for refreshment…. ) and of course a good mood.

All those who are coming from the direction of Raška towards Leposavic and are afraid of the administrative crossing to Jarinja should know the following: if someone asks you informatively “how far are you going”, feel free to tell them that you are “participating in the rafting event Ibro Spust Bez Granica”, which has been announced at all authorities and at the crossing, you will reach the camp on your right, cross the bridge and immediately arrive at the camp.

If you are not coming by car, there are direct lines to Gornje Jarinje by train and bus, so you can also plan your arrival by regular transport lines by clicking on the link below, you can see the interactive map of the location and by clicking on the bus or train station, you can see all important informational contacts.

How to reach us and when you arrive at the Camp!


10:00 – Setting up CAMP and installation of technical equipment

If you want to camp next to Goodwill, you need to have your own camping equipment or rent it from the organizer. With our support PSD – Mountain Skiing Society Kopaonik and Scouting Association Leposavic, a camp will be established and formed.

12:00 – Head to Head rafting competition

Teams of 4 crew members can register for free and take part in a comparative race of two boats on a 300m-long divided river. The winner is the crew that reaches the finish line first.


13:00 – Fish stew cooking competition in the camp

Those who set out to cook fish soup have intentions, secret spices for winning the throne of victory, a kettle, a ladle, a spoon… We provide wood and a place for the fish soup cooking competition with your application.

The propositions for the competition are: The soup must be cooked from the very beginning in the camp, so half-prepared soups outside the camp are not accepted. This control is carried out by people from other competition teams as well as the organizing committee of the competition. In addition to spices and fish, the broth must not contain other types of meat other than fish. The committee for sampling and judging the broth at the competition table will come to you and take the broth into a plate for evaluation and you will receive your personal competition number.

THE METHOD OF SCORING THE BROTH IS: One representative of the jury enters the room for evaluating the quality of the broth individually and gives a score for the first three best broths. The best gets 3 points, the second-placed 2 and the third in terms of quality 1 point in a glass next to the plate, while other soups do not get points. The jury remains in the room to continue and monitor the scoring of the soups in front of each competing (cooking) team that scores in the same way as the jury with (3, 2, 1 points) each. At the end, the jury and the organizer count the accumulated points and announce the winners.

First place 100e,

Second place 60e,

Third place 40e


15:00 – Games Without Borders in the camp!

Considering that the event is related to rafting and working on the water, this year we will continue with the implementation of fun games at the pool itself in the form of Games Without Borders!

Last year’s success of the content itself at the Games Without Borders obliges us to work on improving that domain of the event itself. The propositions of the competition are that the team for the competition should have 6 competitors, 3 men and 3 women, who will go through the program of games without borders. The prizes are symbolic because the primary goal is socializing!


16:00 – Presentation of the Mountain Rescue Service

They will present us at the pool what kind of calling it is to be a lifeguard. He will tell us some of his rescue events. They will present their organization to us and what capabilities their organization has. They will participate in rafting and support our organization in providing rafters who will raft on Sunday.

17:00 – Sports competitions

They aim to activate young people through recreational sports at the camp. Football, volleyball, basketball are possibilities of a wide repertoire for everyone.

So, it is about the idea of a daily tournament in football, basketball and volleyball with teams representing the municipalities through which the Ibar flows and visiting faculties. We hope that at least one team from each municipality of Ibarska dolina will register, and if there are more of them, the content will be richer. The awards are symbolic because the primary goal is socializing and presenting the municipalities and faculties!

20:30 – Announcement of the winner

from sports competitions, games without borders and cooking fish stews. We’ll light a campfire.

21:00 – Concert

with acoustic and moderate sounds in accordance with the environment, a good mood and a clear sky, we will experience an unforgettable gathering.

01:00 – Dinner and going to bed to get ready for tomorrow’s rafting.




2024- Август – 18, Недеља

СПЛАВАРЕЊЕ низ Ибар Спуст Без Граница

What to keep in mind!

Anyone aged 16-60 who meets the following requirements can go rafting:


Every participant must be a good swimmer, those weaker swimmers must wear swimming vests!

Children older than 7 years can participate ONLY WITH THE ACCOMPANIMENT OF AN ADULT.

Be in good health and consult your doctor as needed!

ABSOLUTELY NONE of the participants who have the following health problems should raft:

Heart problems, Hypertension, Problems with the spine and skeletal system, Breathing problems, Nervous problems, Pregnancy, Vision problems, Being under the influence of pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, drugs


07:00 – Preparation for rafting, arrival, packing and preparing the boats.

Good rafting preparation is half the job:

All those who camped need to pack their equipment and can leave it safely in their vehicles or at the pool itself where it will wait for you until your return.

You need to register with the organizer for raft or boat records, since this year the symbolism of the “winner of the rafting Ibrom Spust Bez Granica” was introduced, so we need the records of the participants.

You need to arrive around 07:00 at the camp to collect your boat if you have rented it or to prepare and inflate your boat if you are bringing it.

You need to provide an airtight container (barrel with a lid) in which you can store your belongings, personal documents and technical equipment from moisture.

Be sure to bring sunscreen, a raincoat and a hat to be prepared for all possible weather conditions!!! So that they don’t get burned by the sun, because it burns hotter on the water. PS. we tell you everything from experience!

On the feet, sandals that connect the wrist are best because they dry faster, but old sneakers are also good to protect your feet from getting hurt on the stones in the river.



10:00 – Start of rafting

It is necessary to wait for the organized start of Rafting, which will be announced audibly. How would everyone start at the same time since there is a symbolism of competition.

In the morning when rafting starts, rafters must pay attention to:

They do not throw garbage into the Ibar. Each boat will receive a bag for collecting garbage in the boat. it needs to remain clean even after us!!!

They don’t jump off the boat directly onto their heads because you don’t know the bottom of the river so you can get hurt. (we write from experience)

They bring a protective suit and a hat for a day that is too hot so they don’t get sunburned.

They have sandals or old sneakers on their feet to protect their soles from underwater injuries.

They bring a barrel with a lid in which you can keep your technical things from getting wet, but also a spare suit and food BECAUSE YOU ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE !!!

They will be in solidarity and provide support to the other boat if necessary in the event of an accident.

When we arrive in Raska!!!

16:00 – Planned arrival time at the finish line by the swimming pool in Raška

Debt relief and packing of rafting equipment.

16:15 – Lunch at the finish line

At the swimming pool in Raška, lunch and refreshments are planned for all participants after rafting.

18:00 – Transportation of people by bus to the starting point and return home

All rafting participants who rafted with their rafts and boats will be able to return their equipment to the starting point with a truck that will be waiting at the swimming pool in Raška.

After lunch and packing your equipment, you should go to the bus station where you will be the bus “Kavim – Raška” with its line for returning the rafters to the starting point.

You must contact the organizers on time so that we, as the organizer, can define all the needs of the event.

For any ambiguities, please contact us!


Splavarenje Ibrom - Rafting on the Ibar river

Rafting na Ibru predstavlja splavarenje i spustanje niz reku čamcima i splavovima u podnožju Kopaonika od opštine Leposavić do opštine Raška